Mindfulness Based Recovery from Stroke (MBRfS)

If you reading my words on this page, it is likely that you (or someone you care about) has experienced a stroke.

I am here to offer you hope and encouragement on your journey.

In 2017 I experienced an ischemic stroke due to a sudden carotid artery dissection.  My recovery is ongoing;  I lean very heavily on my experience with mindfulness meditation to support my brain and well-being.


How can mindfulness support stroke recovery?

Experiencing a stroke is a confusing and often frightening event.  Recovery from a stroke may be the hardest thing a person has to face in their lifetime.  There is a lot of outdated, misleading, and discouraging medical guidance about the limits of the brain and “plateaus” when further recovery is deemed as unlikely or not possible.

I am here to tell you that recovery is never “over” and it is not too late to engage in your recovery.  Mindfulness meditation as an adjunct to your medical care and rehabilitation program may help your efforts and successes (and help you cope with the ups and downs of every stroke survivor’s journey).


Mindfulness skills may support your journey, in several ways:

  • Reducing the impact of stress in your daily life.
  • Supporting better quality of rest.
  • Buffering depression and anxiety (which can naturally occur in the efforts of recovery).
  • Support the brain’s ability to heal and “rewire” (what is known as neuroplasticity).

I am currently working with research teams to develop an 8-week class based on a model I published in 2020. If you are interested in reading the article, it is here.


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I mentor individually (as time permits) in a very limited capacity. To consider working privately in a mentoring relationship with me, please email me at drlorigray@yahoo.com.

I wish you every success in your strong recovery journey – never, ever, give up.