Mindfulness Meditation

Training, Consulting & Mentoring with Dr. Lori Gray

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Mindfulness Meditation

Training, Consulting & Mentoring with Dr. Lori Gray


What is Mindfulness?

As an introduction to what mindfulness is and how it can help, I hope you’ll find benefit in this free 5-minute meditation.

Meet Dr. Lori Gray

Lori's professional passions and purpose emerged directly from her own experience of chronic pain and a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune disease) in her early adulthood. She experienced a stroke after a carotid artery dissection in 2017. As she continues her stroke recovery journey, she is committed to embodying what she shares with others as a companion and guide.


Mindful Stroke Recovery

Experiencing a stroke is a confusing and often frightening event. I am here to tell you that mindfulness meditation as an adjunct to your medical care and rehabilitation program may help your efforts and successes (and help you cope with the ups and downs of every stroke survivor’s journey).

Go with the Flow

August 18, 2022

Often, our perceptions of stress come when things don’t quite flow the way we had hoped or planned for them to.  Our desire to control can often increase our sense of stressful situations, heightening emotions such as frustration, anxiety and even anger.  Today’s article explores the concept of going with the flow and next week’s article will …

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